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Application for Degree

A student expecting to receive a degree in May must register as a candidate for graduation in the associate dean’s office during the Fall semester. A student expecting to receive a degree at any other time should consult the associate dean’s office for appropriate information. Commencement ceremonies are held only in May; August and December graduates may, however, participate in ceremonies held the following May. All May graduates are expected to attend commencement unless the awarding of the degree in absentia has been approved by the associate dean.


In the final semester of your senior year the Stone Center is contacted by your deanâ’‘¬’“¢s office to certify that you have completed all of the requirements to graduate with the Latin American Studies major. Therefore, the advising appointment that you have with the Undergraduate Advisor before your final registration also includes a review and audit of your transcript to make sure that everything will be in order when graduation occurs.