Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

Tulane University

9th Annual TUCLA Conference

December 6th, 2011

The Stone Center hosted its annual TUCLA conference this Saturday, December 3rd. This interdisciplinary symposium allowed Latin American Studies majors in the core seminar class to present their individual research papers and projects.

It was composed of six panels organized by concentrations in the Latin American Studies program, including Land, People, Encounter, Nation, Exchange, and Identity. Each panel was led by discussants from various departments of the University.

TUCLA was developed in 2003 as an opportunity for Latin American Studies majors to present their research in an academic setting. Senior Jill Neitzel agrees that the conference is a great way for students to gain experience as well as share their work with the Tulane community. “We’ve been working really hard all semester to develop our papers, and TUCLA lets us show off what we’ve done in a more formal atmosphere. I was pretty nervous because like a lot of my peers, I had never presented at a conference before. I’m glad it’s over, but I’m also glad I did it.”

Starting the conference, the Land panel “Selling the Sacred? Culture and Commerce in Contemporary Indigenous Society, “ with Paxson Sterling, Madison Asher, Ashleigh Heffernan, and discussant Meredith Dudley (left to right).

Kiley Laemmli presenting her paper, “Culture as Commodity: Dancehall Queens and the Sale of Female Empowerment” during the Identity panel led by Dr. Christopher Dunn.

Discussant Dr. Moira MacKinnon, Jeff Ellis, Archibald Rowan, and Sam Tabory (left to right) during the Exchange panel entitled “Diciendo tal y como es: Critiquing Recent Latin American Policy across Time and Space.”

Those in attendance at the Exchange panel held in Jones 102.