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Tulane University

Positioning New Orleans for Cuba Travel & Potential Business Opportunities

June 22nd, 2011
3:00 pm

1350 Port of New Orleans Place

The Center for International Policy, Washington D.C., in collaboration with the Port of New Orleans, New Orleans International Airport, Cuba
Travel-USA, and the Cuban and Caribbean Institute at Tulane University invite you to an evening of discussion.

Positioning New Orleans for Cuba Travel & Potential Business Opportunities
Wednesday June 22, 3-6 PM
Reception to Follow

A symposium examining the new White House policy permitting licensed travel to Cuba by U.S. Citizens for people-to-people exchanges and broad
educational policy, and exploring future prospects for U.S. and New Orleans businesses.

3:00 Welcome
President and CEO, Port of New Orleans

3:10 ‘€œThe New Obama Travel Rules:
A Fresh Approach to U.S.-Cuba Relations?‘€
Cuba Program Director, Center for International Policy

3:40 ‘€œAcademic and People-to-People Travel to Cuba:
The Legal Dimension‘€
Attorney, Washington D.C.

4:10 ‘€œNon-degree Educational Travel to Cuba:
Informative and Appealing Programs‘€
Associate, Center for International Policy

4:30 ‘€œProspects for U.S. Business Arising from the Recent
Liberalization of Travel to Cuba‘€
Attorney, Washington D.C.

5:00 General Discussion and Q&A

6:00 Reception

Courtesy of the International Cuban Society
Port Administration Building
1350 Port of New Orleans Place
To register or for more information: (504) 581.2000

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Cuba + People
Laura Rosanne Adderley
Associate Professor - History