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Tulane University

Environmental Literacy Across the Curriculum - Costa Rica

The rapidly growing interest in the environment has not been matched by appropriate classroom materials in the United States. The staff of the Latin American Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) recognized a need for instructional materials and consequently submitted a proposal to the US Department of Education Center for International Education for a Fulbright-Hays Group Project Abroad Grant in the fall of 1993. With the support of the Roger Thayer Stone Center for Latin American Studies at Tulane University, the CRC forged ahead with its program proposal. For this, the CRC solicited the collaboration of a group of high school educators. As a group the participants chosen taught a variety of subjects from the states of Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico who share the legacy of Hispanic colonialism. The group work was to include a documentation of the conditions, history and programs implemented in Costa Rica to promote environmental literacy among the population. Eleven teachers and two group leaders traveled in ecologically diverse regions of Costa Rica. The objectives of the trip included the promotion of environmental literacy among high school educators at the global and regional level, the provision of international travel experience to teachers from traditionally resource-poor regions of the United States, and the development of curricular materials.


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Ludovico Feoli
Permanent Researcher and CEO, CIAPA, Executive Director - Center for Inter-American Policy and Research at Tulane University