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The materials found below were once part of our publications that the Latin American Resource Center offered to educators at an affordable price. LARC is in the process of updating and digitizing all curriculum materials produced by the Stone Center and as part of our commitment to Latin American studies in the K12 classroom, all materials below can now be used free of charge.

All resources are either available for free download or can be created electronically if requested. Please email with any questions.

Slides Packets

DAY OF THE DEAD: The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday which takes place on November 2 and commemorates the death of relatives and friends while serving as a fascinating and lively celebration for the living. This packet discusses both the European and indigenous influences in the festival rituals. 20 slides.

CARNIVAL IN VERACRUZ: The Mexican port city of Veracruz is famous for its tropical ambience, marimba rhythms, and unique cuisine. The city is also the site of Mexico’s largest and most spectacular celebration of carnival. This packet highlights the history and traditions of the renowned festival. 20 slides.

FAVELAS OF RIO DE JANEIRO: Favelas, or squatters settlements, are a housing alternative for the poor of Brazil. This packet emphasizes who the inhabitants are, misconceptions concerning the residents, their jobs, favela construction, and the social support networks within the settlements. 28 slides.

COLONIAL MEXICAN SOCIETY: Life in Mexico’s colonial period (1519-1824) was diversified, complex, and in a constant state of evolution. This packet places particular emphasis on socio-economic issues such as silver mining, the trans-Atlantic trade, the rise of large landed estates, labor systems, etc. 27 slides.

LIFE IN CONTEMPORARY CUBA (1990): In 1959, Fidel Castro and his fellow revolutionaries triumphantly paraded through downtown Havana, thereby dramatically changing the Latin American political climate. This slide packet discusses Cuban history and contemporary life under the revolutionary government. 32 slides.

PARAGUAY: QUIET BEAUTY OF SOUTH AMERICAS HEARTLAND: Paraguay, a landlocked nation in the center of South America, has a unique history. It is particularly interesting for its ethnic make-up- a large portion of which is descended from the indigenous Guaraní and continues to speak their native language. This packet highlights Paraguayan history, geography, and contemporary urban and rural life. 32 slides.

VENEZUELAN JOURNEY: Venezuela, one of the longest continuing democracies in Latin America, is a nation rich in geographic and cultural diversity. This slide packet follows the author on a trip through Venezuela and includes information regarding the nation’s history, geography, and socio-economic status in Latin America today. 20 slides plus map transparency.

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