Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

Tulane University

CIPR Speaker Series: Critical Issues in Democratic Governance

October 22nd, 2018

Latin America faces major challenges to democratic governance, but there are also new opportunities to expand political inclusion. In Critical Issues in Democratic Governance, the Stone Center for Latin American Studies and the Center for Inter-American Policy and Research will host speakers to discuss emerging issues that have surfaced in democratic governance in the region. Mass migration has created a new form of transnational politics, as immigrants from Mexico and the Dominican Republic who live abroad continue to participate in politics back home. Moreover, countries that transitioned to democracy but inherited constitutions from authoritarian regimes, such as Chile, often face ongoing restrictions on popular sovereignty. Finally infrastructure projects in Colombia and Ecuador play a crucial role in both how democratic states enforce property rights and respond to the demands of marginalized communities.

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Fall 2018 Schedule

October 26, 2018
Authoritarianism and the Elite Origins of Democracy
Victor Menaldo, University of Washington

November 16, 2018
Courting Migrants: How States Make Diasporas and Diasporas Make States
Katrina Burgess, Tufts University

November 30, 2018
Private Property vs. Infrastructure
Alisha C. Holland, Princeton University

General Latin America + People
Jack C. Ling
Emeritus Clinical Professor - Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences