Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

Tulane University

2017 15th Annual Tulane University Student Conference on Latin America (TUSCLA/TUCLA)

December 2nd, 2017

Jones Hall 102, Jones Hall 108, Greenleaf Conference Room (Jones Hall 100A)

XV Annual Tulane University Student Conference on Latin America
  • Saturday Dec. 2, 2017
  • Jones Hall 102 & 108
  • Coffee and Welcome 8:30-9:00
  • Join the Stone Center for Latin American Studies for the XV Annual TUSCLA Conference featuring research produced by undergraduate and graduate students. See schedule below.

SESSION I 9:00-10:30

Panel 1: Creativity (Jones 102) A Arte de Representar: Art and Citizenship in Brazil
  • Emily Murphy, Erotic Designs: Teresinha Soares, Pop Art and the Politics of Gender under Brazil‘€™s Military Dictatorship
  • Reut Shuker, The New Cinematic Favela Shaped by Singularity
  • Abigail Cramer, The Art of Creative Compromise: Feminist Street Art Collective Rede Nami and Female Empowerment in Brazil

Discussant: Dr. Daniel Gough, Stone Center for Latin American Studies

Panel 2: Land (Jones 108) Forces of Nature: New Directions in Environmental Studies and Tropical Ecology
  • Samuel Leberg, An Analysis of Anthropogenic Effects on Tropical Stream Communities
  • Stephen A. Cortese, Climate Change and Your Health: Primate Health Responses to Extreme Drought in Northwestern Costa Rica
  • Rebecca Wang, The Relationship Between Locals and Sea Lions of the Galápagos: Conservation, Education and Culture

Discussant: Dr. Renata Durães Ribeiro, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

SESSION II 10:45-12:15

Panel 3: Nation (Jones 102) People, Politics and Policy: Perspectives on Argentine History and Society
  • Julianna Lewis, Salta a Eliminar el Zika: Perceptions on Prevention Campaigns in Salta, Argentina
  • Rachel Lewis, The Case of the Missing iPhones: Protectionism and Ethno-nationalism in Contemporary Argentina
  • Jack Quinn, More Than a Game: The Insidious Politics of Argentina‘€™s 1978 World Cup

Discussant Dr. Maria Akchurin, Center for Inter-American Policy Research

Panel 4: Identity (Jones 108) Delusions of Gender: Discrimination, (Mis)Representation and the Struggle for Rights
  • Olivia Bancroft, The Illusion of Equality: Gender Legislation and the Persistence of Patriarchy in Revolutionary Cuba, 1975-1991
  • Eliza Kauffman, Peruvian Legal Frameworks of Mining: Rethinking Indigeneity, Femininity, and Environmentalism
  • Alessandra Scher, The Impact of Discrimination and Stigma on HIV/AIDS Vulnerability of LGBT Individuals in Arica, Chile

Discussant: Pamela Neumann, The Stone Center for Latin American Studies

Lunch 12:15-1:00
(Greenleaf Conference Room. By Invitation Only)

SESSION III 1:00-3:15

Panel 5: Encounter (Jones 102) Revisiting Indigenismo: Cultural Encounters in the Colonial, Post-Colonial and Neo-Colonial World
  • Hayley Woodward, Compressing History: Excavating Meaning from the Codex Xolotl Fragments
  • Adriana Obiols, Avant-gardism, Transnationality, and Exotification in the Work of Carlos Mérida
  • Nicholas Melara, Emancipation or Appeasement? The Guatemalan Government’s Role in Mayan Language Revitalization
  • Mallory Hazell, The Comadrona Conundrum: State Sponsored Cultural Inclusivity and Guatemalan Birthing Practices

Discussant: Dr. Justin Wolfe, Department of History

Panel 6: Welfare (Jones 108) Lives in Between: Ethnicity, Citizenship and Inequality in the Americas
  • Reyna Fa-Kaji, Weak Foundations: Public Housing and the Promise of Citizenship in Brazil
  • Hannah Craig, Seeking Refuge: The Syrian Refugee Community in Santiago, Chile
  • Karla Rosas, Freedom in Shackles: The Criminalization of Latina Immigrants in ‘€œAlternatives to Detention‘€ Programs

Discussant: Dr. Felipe Cruz, Department of History

For a full copy of the program, please click here.

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