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Tulane University

Comparative Studies of Electoral Systems Country Spotlight: Argentina

May 8th, 2017

In the new Comparative Studies of Electoral Systems (CSES) Country Spotlight series, Noam Lupu, Virginia Oliveros and Luis Schiumerini discuss CSES’s electoral context and the significance of running it in the case study of Argentina.

Most of what we know about voting behavior is informed by the experience of advanced democracies. The electoral context in developing democracies, however, is significantly different. Civil society is often weak, poverty and inequality high, political parties ephemeral and attachments to them weak, corruption rampant, and clientelism widespread. We cannot hope to understand how politics in these consolidating democracies unfolds without understanding how voters determine who governs. And we cannot assume that what we know about voters in advanced democracies applies universally to developing ones. Rather, we should take our assumptions and expectations to data.

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Virginia Oliveros is Assistant Professor of Political Science and Associate Research Fellow at the Center for Inter-American Policy and Research at Tulane University. She is currently working on a book project entitled, A Working Machine: Patronage Jobs and Political Services in Argentina.