Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

Tulane University

Cuban Animation Film Screening

November 14th, 2016

100A Jones Hall, Greenleaf Conference Room

Tulane Univesrity is welcoming award-winning young Cuban animators to show their work! Fresh from the Muesta Joven film festival in Havana, members of two of the most important independent animation groups in Cuba will be on campus: Ermitis Blanco and Daniel Mancebo from Ã’OOo Productions, and ‘€œEl Muke‘€ (Harold Díaz-Guzman Casañas) from Oniroma Productions. Even though many of these young animators don’t have access to the latest technology, Cuban animation is world renowned for provocative and intricate work. Don‘€™t miss this opportunity to see new works from Cuba and chat with the filmmakers.

Bringing the animators on tour will be Alex Halkin of Americas Media Initiative. AMI is a non-profit focused on the distribution of independent and community media from Cuba and developing cultural exchange projects between Cuban and U.S. citizens.

Free and open to the public. Screening followed by Q&A and reception.

Cuba + People
Oliver Houck
Professor - Law