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Cuban Theater Publication from Associate Director of CCSI, I. Carolina Caballero

September 28th, 2016

Associate Director of Cuban and Caribbean Studies, Professor I. Carolina Caballero, contributed the prologue to the anthology Teatro cubano actual: Dramaturgia escrita en los EEUU (II), newly published by Tablas Alarcos in Havana, Cuba. Selected by Alberto Sarraín, the six texts that make up this anthology reflect a diversity of experiences by Cuban playwrights who now live in the U.S. Pedro Monge Rafuls, Eddy Díaz Souza, Chely Lima, Cristina Rebull, Antonio Orlando Rodríguez and Ivonne López Arenal endeavor to defy and redefine not only what it means to be Cuban but human. Challenging the ideologically-charged notions of cubanidad, these playwrights question the ideas of nation and home. Professor Caballero‘€™s prologue places these texts in dialogue with both Cuban exile and Cuban-American drama as well as with contemporary theater on the island connecting these theatrical traditions, despite the geopolitical implications of the playwright‘€™s legal residence. Teatro cubano actual: Dramaturgia escrita en los EEUU (II) will be presented at the National Theater Festival in Camagüey, Cuba in the first week of October.

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