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John Verano Publishes Book on Trepanation in the Ancient Americas

August 3rd, 2016

Story from the New Wave

New textbook explores ancient cranial procedure
By Barri Bronston

“For a textbook, Tulane University anthropology professor John Verano‘€™s Holes in the Head is anything but bland. The book is filled with images of pre-Columbian skulls, all with holes drilled into them as part of the ancient cranial procedure known as trepanation.

Subtitled The Art and Archaeology of Trepanation in Ancient Peru, Verano‘€™s work is the culmination of nearly three decades of research in collaboration with neuropsychologist J. Michael Williams. Their study took them to museums around the world, where they photographed and recorded information on more than 800 Peruvian trepanned skulls.”

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