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LARC Master Teacher Awarded Louisiana Teacher of the Year 2017!!

May 26th, 2016

Torrence Williams, a teacher in West Feliciana Parish and a LARC Master Teacher, was awarded the 2017 Louisiana Teacher of the Year Award. The winners were announced on Friday July 15, 2016.

Most recently, Torrence has worked with LARC and fellow West Feliciana Parish High School teacher and LARC master teacher Nicole Means (read more about Nicole’s teaching), on teaching about indigenous identity, globalization, and human rights. Torrence and Nicole worked with Ixnal Cuma Chavez and Kawoq Cuma Chavez, teachers and scholars of Kaqchikel Maya, to expose students to issues of indigenous identity and how identity is impacted by increasing globalization. You can read more about Ixnal and Kawoq’s visit to West Feliciana Parish High School in this news story and read more about the work Torrence and Nicole have done with LARC, focusing on their recent presentation at the National Council on the Social Studies, held last November in New Orleans.

Congratulations to Torrence!