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Social Enterprise and Malnutrition in Guatemala: The Case of Maní+

March 31st, 2016
4:00 pm

100A Jones Hall, Greenleaf Conference Room

Join us for a talk in which Edward (Ted) Fischer discusses social entrepreneurship and social enterprise and the founding of the Maní+ project in Guatemala. In his talk, he will discuss the challenges and potential for social enterprise in addressing entrenched problems, such as malnutrition in Guatemala, and what it takes for social entrepreneurs to succeed.

Guatemala suffers one of the worst rates of malnutrition in the world, concentrated in the rural indigenous population. Half of all children in Guatemala under 5 are malnourished. Fischer founded Maní+, a social enterprise that has developed and now produces a locally sourced product to combat chronic malnutrition. The projects has won several international awards. Learn more about Maní+ at

Edward Fischer is Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Center for Latin American Studies (and the Institute for Coffee Studies) at Vanderbilt University. He is also the founder of Maní+, a social enterprise in Guatemala that develops and produces locally sourced complementary foods to fight malnutrition. His recent work focuses on development and wellbeing across cultures. He has authored or edited nine books, including Broccoli and Desire and, most recently, The Good Life: Aspiration, Dignity, and the Anthropology of Wellbeing. Edward Fischer received his PhD from Tulane in Anthropology.

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