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Update on on "Tropical Exposures" Conference Schedule Changes Day 2

March 11th, 2016

Due to the weather delay, the conference is rescheduled to the afternoon of March 11 in a different location. Sessions will resume at 12:15 pm in Newcomb Hall, building #74, campus Map available here. Rain is expected throughout the day so please be prepared for wet weather.

Session 1
12:00PM – 1:45PM

Panel I: Words and Images: Trans-representational Figurations in Narrative and Theater of the Greater Caribbean
Newcomb Hall 414
‘€œGreeks in the Tropics: From Ancient Greece to Caribbean Theater‘€ Ernesto Fundora, University of Miami (Moderator)
‘€œ‘€˜There is no one language‘€™ in the Caribbean: An Aesthetics of Multiplicity in Caridad Svich‘€™s The Tropic of X‘€
Francisca Aguiló Mora, University of Miami

Panel II: Bodies, Spaces, and Caribbean Identities
Newcomb Hall 407
‘€œDrag/Race in Havana: Transvestites, Publics and Mulataje‘€ Alison Fraunhar, Saint Xavier University (Moderator)
‘€œD‘€™La Mona Plaza: on geographic trans-formations and dissolving islands‘€ Jennifer Marline Rodríguez, Princeton University
‘€œEmbodying Afro Feminism: ‘€˜Women Orishas‘€™ Dance, (W)rite and Healing‘€ Yesenia Fernández Selier, New York University

Panel III: Exposing the Caribbean in Film
Newcomb Hall 207
‘€œThe Caribbean in the Mexican Popular Imagination With Rhythms of Danzón‘€ Rafael Hernández, Southern Connecticut State University
‘€œThe Synthesis of Mexican and Caribbean Identities in Arcady Boytler‘€™s La mujer del puerto (1933)‘€ Jaqueline Avila, University of Tennessee
‘€œDouble Exposures: Eyeballing and Framing in Thomas Edison‘€™s Caribbean Films‘€ Terri Francis, Indiana University (Moderator)

Session 2
2:00PM – 3:45PM

Panel I: La imagen en la literatura cubana
Newcomb Hall 414
‘€œPostales y fotografías en la narrativa de Guillermo Cabrera Infante: la constancia de una presencia‘€ Carlos Velazco, Essayist and Editor, Havana
‘€œLas ruinas de la casa Borrero, daguerrotipos y retratos familiares: lo derruido finisecularcomo inspiración en La isla de las mujeres tristes‘€ Elizabeth Mirabal, Essayist and Narrator, Havana (Moderator)
‘€œReturning the gaze from the ruins: Zoe Valdés‘€™ ‘€˜Retrato de una infancia habanaviejera‘€™‘€ Krista Weirich, Indiana University

Panel II: Performing Bodies Resist Newcomb Hall 407
‘€œIncorrect and Beautiful Anatomies: Becomings, Immanence and Trans Species Bodies in the Work of Roberto Fabelo‘€ Christina García, University of California-Irvine
‘€œLa mirada ambiental. Ecología y postnacionalismo en el arte cubano contemporáneo‘€ Désirée Díaz, Swarthmore College
‘€œThe Idea of Museums and the Atis Rezistans‘€ Katherine Smith, New York University (Moderator)

Panel III: Cinematic Cubas Newcomb Hall 207
‘€œBad or Best Behaviour?: Childhood, Education, and Masculinity in Ernesto Daranas‘€™ Conducta‘€ Dunja Fehimovic, University of Cambridge
‘€œChildren in Recent Cuban Cinema‘€ Omar Granados, University of Wisconsin La Crosse (Moderator)
‘€œSoy Cuba: Sentiments of Movement‘€ Liana Hakobyan, Purdue University
‘€œ(Dis)fronteras de una isla: Relatos del Estado-Nación cubano en representaciones cinemagráficas de la migración‘€ Maribel Rivera Socarrás, Independent Scholar

3:45PM ‘€” 4:00PM Coffee Break

Round Table
4:00PM – 5:30PM

Round Table Discussion Newcomb 207 Havana: Archives of the Future
  • Susan Lord (Queen‘€™s University)
  • Victor Fowler (Independent Scholar; Havana)
  • Zaira Zarza (Queen‘€™s University; Havana)
  • Jennifer Hosek, (Queen‘€™s University)
  • Isabel Alfonso (St Joseph‘€™s/New York)
  • Gretel Medina Delgado (Curator at the Centre for Development of Visual Arts; Havana)

Plenary Speaker
Virginia C. Beahan (Senior Lecturer in Photography, Dartmouth College)
Newcomb Hall 207
6:00PM – 7:00PM