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Enlaces Américas Podcasts Focus on US/Latin American Relations

December 1st, 2015

Students in Professor Casey Love‘€™s Latin American International Relations class prepared podcasts as part of their service learning requirement in partnership with the Latin American Resource Center and the Center for Public Service.

The Enlaces Américas podcast series examines current themes in Latin America and New Orleans, and many of the podcasts were created through various service learning podcasts. You can hear the podcasts, both from this semester and previous podcasts, on the LARC website, or on Soundcloud.

This semester‘€™s podcasts examine US/Latin American relations, with a focus on the role of New Orleans. Two of the podcasts examine US/Cuba relations, one examining potential economic impacts on New Orleans as a result of the opening of relations between the two countries, while the other examines cultural connections between New Orleans and Cuba. These podcasts will get you started thinking about joining LARC in Cuba for our 2016 Summer Educator Workshop!

In another timely topic, one podcast examines the increase in children migrants to the United States and the impact these children have had in New Orleans schools. New Orleans is one of the many places around the US who have had an influx of children migrants in the past year. The final podcast examines the United Fruit Company and the historic connections between the company and Tulane University, which provides an interesting perspective on connections between New Orleans and Latin America. This podcast would be an interesting companion to LARC‘€™s curriculum on Bananas.

These podcasts will be aired soon on WTUL.

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