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"Language and Learning in a Post-Colonial Context"- A new book by Marky Jean-Pierre

November 17th, 2015

“This book explores the social, political, and historical forces that mediate language ideology and practices in post-colonial education and how such ideology and practices influence students‘€™ academic achievement. Jean-Pierre provides empirical evidence that a relationship exists between language practices and school underperformance.”

“Jean-Pierre takes Haiti as the focus of study, finding that students and teachers experience difficulty constructing knowledge in a setting in which the language they speak at home (Creole) differs from the language of instruction (French). The research is based on ethnographic data collected in classrooms in both private and public school settings in addition to different sectors of the society (e.g. state and private institutions).”

Find out more about Jean-Pierre’s book here.

Haiti + People
Arachu Castro
Senior Associate Research Fellow - Samuel Z. Stone Chair of Public Health in Latin America