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Tulane New Wave: Visit lays foundation for future social work collaborations with Cuba

October 29th, 2015

Written by Joseph Halm
“‘It‘€™s not like here.’

That‘€™s how Odalys de la luz González Jubán, president of the Cuban Society of Social Workers in Health Care (SOCUTRAS), started to answer a student‘€™s question during her weeklong visit in New Orleans hosted by the Office of Global Programs at the Tulane University School of Social Work.

González said state participation is the biggest difference in social services.

‘There‘€™s much less involvement here,’ she said. ‘I think social workers have government support here, but not to its fullest potential. I feel like there is more action here, but it‘€™s more through programs or projects that are not regarding the state. I feel like there is involvement, but it is more in the private realm and more for individual interests and not at the societal level.’”

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