Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

Tulane University

Tulane University launches the Commitment to Equity Institute (CEQI)

July 29th, 2015

The CEQ Institute, launched on May 2015, is the result of the CEQ project’s success.

The Commitment to Equity Project, led by Professor Nora Lustig, the Samuel Z. Stone Chair in Latin American Economics, was designed to “analyze the impact of taxation and social spending on inequality and poverty in individual countries, and provide a roadmap for governments, multilateral institutions, and nongovernmental organizations in their efforts to build more equitable societies.”

The Institute’s main goals are:

  • To improve the methodological instruments, policy tools and database necessary for evaluating the consistency and effectiveness of tax collection and government spending with global equity goals
  • To establish an information system designed for monitoring the progress of fiscal redistribution in achieving global equity goals
  • To mainstream the use of CEQ Assessments through partnerships, training programs and policy forums with members of the policy community
  • To disseminate findings through an active communication and advocacy program undertaken in conjunction with key partners in the research, philanthropic and social activist communities
The CEQI will be directed by Nora Lustig and the Institute’s Policy Area will be led by Ludovico Feoli, the Director of the Center for Inter-American Policy and Research at Tulane University (CIPR). The CEQI will work towards four main areas: development of research methods and policy tools, a data center, advisory and training services and bridges to policy.