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Justin Wolfe Serves as Historical Consultant on Episode of TLC'€™s "Who Do You Think You Are?"

April 13th, 2015

‘€œWho Do You Think You Are?‘€ is a show that follows well-known figures in American popular culture as they trace the family histories with the help of historians and genealogists. For this episode, the celebrity is America Ferrera, best known for her roles in ‘€œUgly Betty,‘€ ‘€œThe Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants‘€ and as the voice of Astrid in ‘€œHow to Train Your Dragon.‘€

Ferrera‘€™s family is from Honduras and as a specialist on Central American, Justin Wolfe served as a historical consultant, appearing as part of the episode that was filmed in Honduras. His discussions focused primarily on her great grandfather, whose life intersected with early 20th-century Honduran politics and the United Fruit Company.

You can view the episode here.

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