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Harry Howard

Associate Professor - Spanish & Portuguese

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Department Affiliation
Spanish & Portuguese

  • B.A., University of North Carolina, Interdisciplinary Studies, 1980
  • M.A., Cornell University, Linguistics, 1988
  • Ph.D., Cornell University, Linguistics, 1993
Academic Experience
  • Associate Professor, Tulane University, 1998-
  • Assistant Professor, Tulane University, 1991-1998
  • Adjunct Instructor, Rutgers University, 1988-1991

Research & Teaching Specializations: Language; Neuromimetic Modeling of Linguistics and Allied Phenomena

Related Experience
  • Chair, Student Academic Judiciary Committee, 2006
  • Undergraduate Spanish Major and Minor Advisor, 2006
  • Associate Chair, Department of Spanish & Portuguese, Tulane University, 1999-2000
  • Acting Chair, Department of Spanish & Portuguese, Tulane University, 1997
  • Director of Linguistics Program, Tulane University, 1995-1996
  • BORSF-ENH-029HUM Grant, “Innovation, Immersion, and Integration: The Future of Foreign Language Studies at Tulane,” 2000-2001
  • Culpepper Grant, Tulane University, 2000
  • Mellon Fellowship for summer research in Latin America, 1999, 1998, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993
  • Louisana Education Quality Support Fund Grant, 1996-1997, 1994-1995
  • Linguistic Society of America Summer Research Fellowship, 1988, 1987
  • Spanish
Overseas Experience
  • Spain
Selected Publications
  • 2007. “Sparseness and Entropy in Semantic Change: Precedents from Early Vision.” International Journal of English Studies. 7 (1):17-34.
  • 2006. “Simulated evolution of a radial category for the diminutive.” In Language, Mind, and the Lexicon. Ibarretxe-Antuñano, et al., eds. Hamburg: Peter Lang.
  • 2004. Connectionist semantics: An artificial neural network approach to coordinators, quantifiers, and collective predicates. New York: Elsevier Scientific.
  • 2004. “Four challenges for cognitive neuroscience and the cortico-hippocampal division of memory.” Behavioral and Brain Sciences. 27: 681-2.
  • 2001. “Entropic vs. negentropic causation.” In Linguagem e Cognição: A perspectiva da Linguística Cognitiva. Augusto Soares da Silva, ed. Brazil: Associação Portuguesa de Linguística.

Recently-Taught Latin American-Related Courses: SPAN 4260: Spanish Phonetics and Phonology, SPAN 4270: Iberoamerican Dialectology

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