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Ana López Cited in Article from The Atlantic

February 9th, 2015

Ana López, Director of The Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute was cited in an article titled “Havana Good Time in College‘€ written by Alia Wong.

The U.S. and Cuba are poised to restore diplomatic relations, which may lead to big shifts in higher education. Although opportunities in the U.S. for studying in Cuba have expanded since Obama assumed office in 2008, living in Cuba is still difficult in areas that U.S. students are used to‘€” such as the inability to use credit cards, limited access to internet, and poor infrastructure. However, academic relationships have helped influence a generational shift in public opinion about the relationship between these two countries.

One advantage of new study abroad opportunities between the U.S. and Cuba could offer some insight about the intricacies of the Cuban Revolution and the realities (and myths) of a political ideology that continues to captivate the American imagination and underpin Cubans‘€™ everyday lives. As Ana López, a Cuban immigrant who oversees Tulane University‘€™s Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute, noted, it‘€™s perhaps the only place in the world where one can learn dialectical materialism, the Marxist conception of reality.

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