Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

Tulane University

PhD Student Vanessa Casteñeda Receives the 2015 BRASA Scholarship

February 9th, 2015

Congratulations to Stone Center student Vanessa Casteñeda, who has received the 2015 BRASA Scholarship. Vanessa commented on her success to say:

“I am hoping to better understand the intricacies of culture, safeguarding entities and globalization. Specifically in my case, I would like to speak personally with baianas de acarajé about their experiences as official cultural patrimony and the ways this title has benefited and/or hurt them. I hope to establish important relationships to later explore the transnational origins of baianas (West Africa and Brazil) and their global presence today (Nigeria, Benin, Spain, Portugal, Austria).”

Vanessa Castañeda is a PhD student in Latin American Studies at Tulane University with a dissertation project on patrimônio cultural, gender and race through the figure of baianas de acarajé. This grant will enable Vanessa to conduct preliminary field research with the Associação de Baianas de acarajé (ABAM) and observe the participatory meetings with the local government and civil society groups as well as to observe interactions between Baianas and the fiscalização. She will interview members of ABAM and Baianas outside of the organization regarding their understandings of patrimônio culturaland the ways they feel this official status has been beneficial or detrimental.”
- From the BRASA Digest 506