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Haitian Folktales

This lesson plan explores a Haitian folktale about water and sources of water based on the book Tezin: le poisson d’eau douce: Conte de la tradition haitenne (Tezin: Freshwater Fish: A Folktale in the Haitian Tradition) by Mimi Barthelemy. Students will be read the story, learn about Haiti and folktales, and then improvise and perform the folktale. Exposes students to performances, the French language, folktales, and other cultures while emphasizing the importance of water as a resource.

Designed for the K-2 classroom.

Aligns with Common Core standards for reading and speaking and listening for Grades K-2. Standards are included in the lesson plan.

Designed by Monique Moss


Caribbean + People
Ana M. López
Director - Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute, Professor - Communication, Associate Provost - Office for Faculty Affairs