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Fundación RAP and CIPR host seminar on social inclusion

May 21st, 2014

The Center for Inter-American Policy and Research (CIPR) and the Fundación RAP of Argentina held a seminar on social inclusion at Tulane University from May 5th through 9th, 2014. The seminar featured 14 politicians from different political parties from Argentina and 18 speakers from universities, think tanks, multilateral organizations and other institutions across the world.

Fundación RAP of Argentina, led by Alan Clutterbuck, is a pluralist and non-partisan NGO that promotes the improvement of political leadership and the development of a less confrontational and more consensus-driven political culture as a means to promote the development of Argentina. The seminar was one of the main activities of the year of the ‘€œRAP Basic Agreements for the Tercentenary‘€ project, an initiative launched in 2012 by RAP to generate a process of analysis and dialogue over a three to four year period on six strategic issues for the development agenda: Education, Institutional Infrastructure, Sustainable Development, Social Inclusion, Foreign Policy and Federalism. The seminar at Tulane University consisted of four days of presentations by invited speakers and a day considering local reform experiences in education and public transparency and accountability including field visits in the New Orleans area. Presentations reviewed the current social situation in Argentina and the world, using successful examples as suggestions for how change might be brought to Argentina in the boundaries of those six strategic issues. The speakers and the titles of their sessions can be found below:

Stakeholders and demands for social policies
  • Eduardo Silva, Tulane University
  • Federico Rossi, Tulane University
    Health and Pension Systems
  • Gary Burtless, Brookings Institute
  • Rafael Rofman, World Bank
    Social policies in the world: targeted plans vs. universal plans
  • Nora Lustig, Tulane University
  • Ariel Fiszbein, Inter-American Dialogue
    Social policies in the world: examples of good practice; Bolsa Familia and Oportunidades
  • John Scott, CIDE
  • Claudiney Pereira, Tulane University
    Economic development and social inclusion
  • Augusto de la Torre, World Bank
    Charter Schools in New Orleans
  • Doug Harris, Tulane University
    Social inclusion policies: social purpose vs. political purpose
  • Virginia Oliveros, Tulane University
  • Rodrigo Zarazaga, CIAS
    The New Orleans Education Story
  • Neerav Kingsland, New Schools for New Orleans
    Measurement and evaluation: transparency and accountability
  • Shelley Midura, Former New Orleans City Council Member
  • James Brown, New Orleans Ethics Review Board Member
  • Ed Quatrevaux, New Orleans Inspector General
    Defining objectives and goals: strategic plan evaluation
  • John Edwards, Tulane University
  • Antonio Martín del Campo, International Consultants Group
    Challenges regarding and agenda of social inclusion in Argentina
  • Nora Lustig, Tulane University
  • Ludovico Feoli, Tulane University
  • Rodrigo Zarazaga, CIAS

From left to right: Top Row: Ludovico Feoli, Alan Clutterbuck, Ricardo Buryaile, Horacio Ghirardi, Daniel Arroyo, Fernando Sanchez; Middle Row: Esteban Murphy, Ramon Lanús, Rodrigo Zarazaga, Alejandra Naman, Irene Soler Carmona, Joaquin de la Torre; Bottom Row: Eduardo Costa, Isolda Calsina, Emilio Basavilbaso, Liliana Montero, Nora Lustig, Mónica Peralta

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