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Tulane alumnus elected president of Costa Rica

April 10th, 2014

This story originally appeared in Tulane’s New Wave.

By: Mary Sparacello

A Tulane University alumnus was elected president of Costa Rica in a landslide victory on Sunday (April 6). Luis Guillermo Solís received his master‘€™s degree in Latin American studies in 1981 and, before his election, was a political science professor at the University of Costa Rica.

‘€œHis election is historic,‘€ says Ludovico Feoli, director of the Center for Inter-American Policy and Research at Tulane.

Solís is the first third-party candidate to become president of the country. A member of the Citizen Action Party, Solís soundly defeated his opponent, a member of the country‘€™s ruling party. His challenger planned to drop out of the race because Solís had pulled ahead in the polls after a tight finish in the first round of the election. Law required his name stay on the ballot for the runoff. Despite this, Solís mobilized voters to the polls and drew a strong mandate.

‘€œIt‘€™s a remarkable story,‘€ Feoli says. Solís ‘€œenjoyed a long and distinguished career as a diplomat but never before held elected political office. He is articulate and likeable and connected with voters disenfranchised by the two ruling parties, both mired in corruption scandals.‘€

Solís, who will start his four-year term in May, comes to power at a challenging time for the country, says Feoli. His party is a minority in Congress, income inequality is increasing and a high fiscal deficit is looming. Solís campaigned on a vow to fight that inequality and improve governance.

He has a strong connection to Tulane. Numerous Tulane students have taken Central American Politics from Solís at CIAPA, the Tulane-run campus in San José, Costa Rica.

Thomas Reese, executive director of the Stone Center for Latin American Studies at Tulane, said future CIAPA students will be fortunate to have a close friend of Tulane heading the Costa Rican government.

‘€œIt‘€™s a great honor to have one of our own reach such a level of distinction,‘€ Reese says.

Mary Sparacello is a communications specialist in the Office of Development Communications.

Photo: Luis Guillermo Solís celebrates with his supporters in San José, Costa Rica. Solís has a strong connection to Tulane. His Tulane master’s degree thesis, titled “The Dynasty of the Colonizers,” examined regional politics in Costa Rica. (Associated Press photo by Moises Castillo)

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