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eKaqchikel 2009 - Guatemala in Five Minutes or Less

July 16th, 2009

By: Derek Toten

Photo by Marie Carianna

For more information and to see the original story, visit Derek’s blog: A New Media Sampler: Technology, Education and Life.

Since 2004 a team from Tulane University has been traveling each year to Guatemala to produce content for a multi-media language application. Next week begins the fifth and final Guatemala road trip collaboration between the Stone Center for Latin American Studies and Tulane Technology Services. The final product of this multi-year effort is a self-paced, online and CD-ROM, Flash-based language learning application. The goal: use innovative new media technologies to teach the Maya kaqchikel language to English and Spanish speakers.

The project is funded by a U.S. Department of Education grant to support “less commonly taught languages”—in this case, kaqchikel – one of the 17 Maya languages spoken in the Lake Atitlan highland region of Guatemala. The project is also linked to Oxlajuj Aj, a six week summer intensive course created and taught by Tulane linguist and anthroplogist, Dr. Judie Maxwell.

Visit the eKaqchikel Project website!

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