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Former CIPR Post-Doctoral Fellow Paolo Spadoni publishes book on Cuba's Socialist Economy

November 25th, 2013

Former CIPR Post-Doctoral Fellow Paolo Spadoni has published a new book entitled Cuba’s Socialist Economy Today: Navigating Challenges and Change. The book addresses Cuba’s economy as it is today after nearly 50 years of changing policies. It asks the questions: Are the reforms instituted by Raúl Castro improving living conditions and boosting production and efficiency? What challenges does the government face in crafting policies to address the country’s most critical problems? Paolo Spadoni offers deeply informed answers to these questions as he traces the evolution of Cuba’s economy, explores the current state of affairs in key sectors, and assesses the likelihood that government efforts to cure Cuba’s economic woes will be successful. CIPR will welcome Paolo Spadoni to Tulane in the spring of 2014 to present the book.

Paolo Spadoni is assistant professor of political science at Georgia Regents University. He is the author of Failed Sanctions: Why the US Embargo Against Cuba Could Never Work.

For more information or to purchase the book, click here.