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Federico Rossi publishes article in journal Latin American Perspctives

November 25th, 2013

CIPR post-doctoral Fellow Federico Rossi published an article, “The Movement of Popular and Neighborhood Assemblies in the City of Buenos Aires, 2002‘€“2011,” co-written by Sebastián Mauro, in the journal Latin American Perspectives. The assembly movement of Buenos Aires was one of the main political actors that emerged with the social explosion of December 2001. It initially called for a complete renewal of the country‘€™s elites, but it gradually divided into a sector that focused on neighborhood demands and a sector that adopted a national perspective. A detailed examination of a decade of development of two assemblies that are paradigmatic examples of the movement‘€™s division show that they retained their political identities over time, with the result that the ‘€œneighborhood‘€ assembly disbanded once the problems on which it had concentrated were considered resolved while the ‘€œpopular‘€ assembly continued to engage in cultural and political projects.

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