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Summer Field Research Grant Recipients Present Findings

November 4th, 2013

On Saturday, November 2, Tulane graduate student recipients of previous summer research grants presented their research findings at the annual Summer Field Research Grant Symposium. Eighteen graduate students from across disciplines were funded by the Stone Center for summer research conducted in over a dozen Latin American countries. The range of research areas and topics included social movements, pre-colonial communities, development politics, diaspora studies, immigration, and access to healthcare.

Stone Center summer funding is critically supported by the Tinker Foundation. For more information on Tinker grants and to apply for summer finding, see Graduate Grants and Funding under Summer Field Research grants.

Grant recipients (from left to right) Cherif Saloum Diatta, Kyrstin Mallon Andrews, and Diana Soto presented their research experiences in Trinidad, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico, respectively.

Krystin Mallon Andrews presented her research on politics of the Haitian and Dominican border in her presentation, “Markets in the Time of Cholera”.

Professor James Huck, Assistant Director for Graduate Programs at the Stone Center for Latin American Studies, and Cherif Saloum Diatta, a Fulbright fellow and doctoral student in the Latin American Studies program, co-facilitated the Summer Field Research Grant Symposium. Diatta also presented his research experience in Trinidad in his presentation, “Nation and Diaspora: Identity and Community Politics in the Fiction of Earl Lovelace”.

Grant recipients (from left to right) Baird Campbell, Sarah Fouts, Xose Pereira Boan, and Maggie MacPherson presented their research experiences in Chile, Honduras, Cuba, and Guyana, respectively.

Keith Esch presented “Dengue Symptom Thresholds (Duration and Intensity) in Patient Seeking Behavior in Iquitos, Peru”.

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