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From the Payson Center: Combining study with UN internships in Latin America, Tulane announces the Master'€™s of International Development Panama Field Work Experience

June 4th, 2013

Originally published on the website of the Payson Center for International Development

For more information on this program please contact Sarah Harelson-Truxillo

Tulane University Law School‘€™s Payson Center for International Development is introducing an exciting new opportunity for students to complete a Panama Field Work Experience Master‘€™s Program in International Development. Master‘€™s students admitted for Fall of 2013 can enroll in the program! This will be the inaugural cohort!

The mission of the Payson Panama Field Experience program is to offer Master‘€™s in International Development students the opportunity to incorporate a field work component into their general studies. The objective of the program is to further enhance the educational experience of graduate students through an exchange program with the international community and Tulane University. The Master‘€™s students will either spend the first year completing their studies at Tulane or the first year in Panama. The students will have the option of completing as many as 12 credit hours through the Payson Center‘€™s Global Development Summer Institute, and then complete their final year prior to graduation either at Tulane if they started in Panama or in Panama if they started at Tulane University.

An advocate of the program, Stanley Motta (Director of Copa Holdings and South American billionaire) says:

“Tulane University is a great place to study and international experience at the Universidad Católica Santa María la Antigua combined with the United Nations office in Panama is certainly a wonderful opportunity for someone who wants to go beyond the normal. “

A critical element for launching the new Payson Panama Field Experience was the process of signing an official Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with both Universidad Católica Santa María la Antigua (USMA) and the United National Development Programme (UNDP) Regional Services Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean (RSC LAC). These documents serve to detail each party‘€™s commitment to the program and set parameters for students‘€™ participation in activities of the respective institutions. Both agreements follow from a series of discussions between representatives of the Payson Center of Tulane University Law School, USMA, and the UNDP.

In January of 2013, during a visit to Panama by Payson Center Executive Director, Colin Crawford, the Tulane-USMA MOU was signed with Carlos A. Voloj Pereira, Rector of USMA. More recently, in April of 2013, a Tulane-UNDP MOU was finalized and signed by Freddy Justiniano, acting Director of the UNDP RSC LAC. The MOUs indicate the level of dedication of these three institutions with regard to the new Master‘€™s program and demonstrate a distinctly unique feature of the Panama Field Experience: the opportunity for students to work in a UN agency for the full duration of their two-semester study term in Panama allowing students to have exceptional professional development opportunities working within a United Nations Agency.

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