Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

Tulane University

NOLA Food Trucks

Green and red sauces drizzle over spicy pork gorditas and beef tacos. A crowd of young college students clusters around Rubens Taco Truck to satisfy their cravings. Rubens is a Brazilian street food vendor, a businessman creating economic opportunity through inexpensive eats. But Rubens, like most street vendors in New Orleans, faces legislative obstacles hindering opportunity. What are these obstacles to the street vending community? What is the position of both sides of this fight? Axel Lloyd, Daniel Thunell, and Gabriella Cerqueira dig into spicy the issue. Produced in spring 2013 in conjunction with Advanced Portuguese, taught by Professor Annie Gibson, and the Center for Public Service. 9:08.

Brazil + People
Daniel Sharp
Associate Professor - Music