Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

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Maya Teacher Workshop

February 22nd, 2013

Jones Hall 100A, Greenleaf Conference Room

As part of the tenth annual Tulane Maya Symposium: Kaanal: The Snake Kingdom of the Classic Maya, to be held February 22-24th, 2013 the Stone Center for Latin American Studies is sponsoring the annual K-12 Teacher Workshop held the Friday before the symposium.

This workshop will feature a panel of educators who participated in Tulane’s Stone Center for Latin American Studies’ Summer Teacher Institute in Guatemala this past summer 2012 (view the google site for more information). Panelists include art, spanish, and english language arts educators from the K-12 level. They will share their newly designed curriculum and highlight best practices learned from their experience integrating content on the Maya into the K-12 classroom. Educators will have a chance to learn about engaging new resources to help update and invigorate the teaching of the Maya in your current teaching. This past summer, exciting new details revealing information on the infamous Maya long count calendar were discovered at the excavation site La Corona Archaeological Project run by Director of the Middle American Research Institute, Dr. Marcello Canuto. A member of La Corona Project archaeological team will introduce to educators the recent findings and future implications of teaching and understanding time among the Maya. This year’s teacher workshop is designed to focus on curriculum development and the teaching of the Maya at the K-12 level. Participants in this workshop will receive teaching materials, a continental breakfast, lunch, tour of the Middle American Research Institute’s Faces of the Maya exhibit, a certificate of completion to obtain professional development CEUs and a discount for registration in the weekend symposium.

Additional information on panelists in this year’s workshop and others from the past summer institute featured in local media:

Denise Tullier-Holly, an art teacher from Hammond, LA, was featured in the Louisiana Arts Education Association (LAEA) Fall 2012 Newsletter. The newsletter described the summer program and the curriculum she developed.

Sarah Donovan, a middle school English teacher in Lombard, IL, was featured in the Lombardian and Villa Park Review Newspaper. Sarah is interested in using literature to teach about genocide and how literature can help students respond to these atrocities. She will share her curriculum in February.

Ellen Cohen, a high school Spanish teacher in New Orleans, LA recently collaborated with the Stone Center for Latin American Studies’ Kaqchikel Maya Language Outreach program this past fall. She developed a curriculum based on her summer experience which incorporates the language and culture of Guatemala. Her high school students were able to learn about Kaqchikel and culture from Kaqchikel language instructor, Ixnal Cuma Chavez who teaches Kaqchikel every fall at Tulane University.

Audra Stablein, a high school Spanish teacher from outside of Pittsburgh, was featured in a Pittsburgh Tribune article. The article focused on Audra‘€™s use of her experiences on the Guatemala program in the classroom and her goal of raising money to help sponsor students from the school the educators visited over the summer. Audra and her students are currently in the process of fundraising to help sponsor a student from the primary school in Chimaltenango, Guatemala.

For more information on these educators, and other participants in the 2012 Summer Teacher Institute, please visit the Institutes website.

To register for this year’s teacher workshop please click here

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